Veggie Turtle & Carnivore Turtle

Vegan, Vegetarian, and Carnivore restaurants on Galgibaga beach, Goa

Veggie Turtle

A cozy place where you can enjoy home-made vegetarian dishes.

Still think that vegetarian means tasteless? Let out little turtle disprove that opinion! Visit us and you’ll believe that vegetarian food is healthy as well as delicious! By the way, even meat-eaters recommend The Veggie Turtle!

Carnivore Turtle

Meet the meat at the Carnivore Turtle! If seafood or vegetarian dishes are already a bone in your throat, you’ve just found your meat paradise. Here you’ll find local meat specialities from our own organic farm.

AC rooms & beach huts

Relaxing & secluded Galgibaga beach, Goa!

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