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About us

We are a couple who believe that the natural beauty in the lay of the land is best left as is. We have our Ciarans resort for more than 15 years which is a great place mostly for everybody. We try to make environmental carbon foot print as low as possible using natural and recycled local materials.

The main concept of our new place Cassoi is to create an eco-friendly chill-out atmosphere for those who want to take a break from stressful lifestyle and to take care about their body, mind and soul.

Cassoi means ‘Turtle’ from the local language and it was designed in 2014. We really hope that our guests synchronize and bring the pace of their lifestyle to the Cassoi ‘turtle’ pace having a lovely ‘me’-time in our spiritual place enjoying every moment of time for themselves. Our team is there to provide you cozy stay with healthy choice of food, spa-treatments, and variety of special activities to keep you in a harmony with your body, thoughts and soul.

The Galgibaga golden sandy beach and an energetic sea are a perfect setting for our eco-friendly huts nestled in a lush beautiful green garden dotted with hammocks. This is a place to experience the raw beauty of nature. Each of the huts is modern in design with elegant interiors and made from indigenous and recycled materials blends beautifully with its natural surroundings. As we already mentioned, taking care of the environment, we use a solar system to hit water for our huts.

Enjoy a peaceful beautiful dawn with the birds singing and the waves crashing without any noise pollution. Take an early morning stroll on the beach or indulge in some yoga exercises with our professional instructors.

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Our unique point

A special peaceful atmosphere at Cassoi connects to the history of Galgibaga beach. It looks ordinary at the daytime but at some nights during the season, wild sea turtles weighing hundreds of pounds lumber out of the sea and onto the sands in an ancient ritual to lay their eggs.

Sea turtles spend most of their lives in the water, where not much information can be gathered on their behavior. Getting a chance to see a sea turtle in action is very fortunate, but those who have done it say it is a memorable experience.

Sea turtles, like salmon, will return to the same nesting grounds at which they were born. During the magic dark nights which is very difficult to predict a few of big female sea turtles come out from the water and walking on the beach to dig a hole a foot or two deep with their hind flippers. The turtles then start filling the nest with soft-shelled eggs the size of table tennis balls. After laying their eggs, they refills the nest with sand and head back into the sea The whole process takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Two months later, the young turtles hatch out of their eggs which may take as long as a week to dig themselves out of the nest and then they emerge from the sand at night clambering into the water. Unfortunately only few of them survive to adulthood.

Galgibaga beach one of the most famous area in Goa of sea turtles nesting, but the public is not allowed to watch them lay eggs because the presence of people might disturb the nesting.

Our local government gives a little bit of a helping hand to the nature by relocating the turtle nests to a safer place which are guarded 24/7 against poachers. Cassoi is also sensitive to this turtle environment and we do our small bit by not having music or bright and reflective lights at Cassoi.

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