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Dear guests

Thank you everyone who visited us this season.

We are expecting to start our 2017-2018 season between 10th and 15th November.
It might be possible that we will be open even earlier since we depend on the licenses and the weather (we will keep you posted about that).

During the period May-October we are not operating the resort and the restaurants.
Our booking for the next season will be open in July but you can send us your dates if you wish to do it earlier so that we will add you in the pre-booking list and will contact to you as soon as the on-line booking system will be ready.

At our unique destination, three choices of hut are available, all facing the beach where you can hear the waves and bird song

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The most famous area in Goa for sea turtles nesting. Young turtles hatch out of their eggs and emerge from the sand to make their way to the water.

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Our team will provide you with a healthy choice of food, spa-treatments and a variety of special activities to keep your body, thoughts and soul in perfect harmony.

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